Spring update

It’s probably slightly optimistic to say ‘Spring’, the past couple of weeks have been so awful with storm after storm, it feels like much of Yorkshire is under water and thick mud. We live near the River Wharfe (thankfully well above it), and it’s flooded in multiple places over the past couple of weeks. When I’ve been out walking the dog it’s been sobering and quite frightening to see how ferocious and fast the water is, and the trail of destruction it leaves behind.

This update is long overdue; I have been painting and exhibiting, but spending most of my time running after an energetic almost-2-year old means the online side of things sometimes gets rather neglected. I’m about to reinstate the facebook page too; before Christmas my account was hacked and then closed down without explanation or any option of recourse; it took a few weeks of infuriating attempts to contact the facebook administrators before it was finally looked into it and sorted.

As you can see, I finished up 2019 by channelling some Autumnal vibes, I wanted to hang onto those beautiful colours for as long as possible and keep the drabness of the wet and windy winter at bay!

I’m excited by some new pieces I’m working on at the moment. I’ve been exploring some beautiful spots and well loved spots in the Wharfe Valley, going up on Otley Chevin and Ilkley Moor for some stunning views. You really do feel on top of the world, the hills roll away below you and stretch into the distance, and vast skies tower overhead with clouds racing and billowing (I’ve come back from a few windy trips with very interesting hairstyles!)