Updating (finally)

Once again, I haven’t updated for ages. I switched to a new hosting provider recently, and keeping the website going was dependant on me (a technologically incompetent human) doing computer savvy things. Cue much sweating, swearing, and panicked ringing of the helpline… Anyway, now it’s sorted and I’m satisfied my website isn’t going to disappear into oblivion, so time to be a bit more hands on and update a bit more often!

Spaniel enhanced


My Yorkshire gallery was getting a bit overwhelmed so I’ve split the paintings up into some more specific galleries, and added my animal portraits in their own gallery. I’ve added work into the galleries from the last few months as well, including new West Yorkshire moors pieces, and a couple of new Dales inspired paintings.


'After the Rain, Haworth'


p.s. studio assistant is quite a lot bigger now!